Washing Nuts, 500g

Washing Nuts, 500g

The Washbowl

  • Laundry
  • Washing dishes in the dishwasher
  • Cleaning silver and jewelry.


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Washing Nuts is a great alternative for anyone looking for eco-friendly and effective home cleaning solutions. The organic and natural Sindhi Mukorossi can be used for cleaning silver and jewelery, animal care, household and garden protection, cleaning and dishwasher cleaning. The unique properties of nuts can also be used in body and hair care!

Washable nuts are suitable for colored laundry, white, and for washing special fabrics such as cotton and silk. They can be used for laundry from 30 to 90 degrees and used as laundry detergent for babies, children and allergy people. Half a kilograms of walnuts is enough for 70 pans.

Sapindus Mukorossi tree nuts have cleansing, washing and strongly bactericidal properties thanks to the saponin content. In contact with water they turn into odorless washing foam.

How to use


 5-7 half-divided shells or 2 teaspoons teaspoon of powdered walnut powder in a cotton sack or thin socks, tightly tied and tossed into the drum of the washing machine along with the underwear. When washing at 60 ° C, nuts can be used repeatedly - about 3 times. At a higher temperature only once. They can be used for delicate fabrics such as cotton and silk. The laundry smells neatly clean and becomes soft, no need to use liquid to rinse. You can add some drops of essential oil to the rinse for the rinse. With difficult spots and white laundry, it is recommended to add a vegetable bleach or baking soda to prevent clothes from drying out.

Universal Extract

 Cook 8-10 shells or 12-15 g of nut powder for 5 to 10 minutes in ¾ of water. The concentration can be changed as needed. The leve is poured through a cotton bandage into a spray bottle. Ready-made cleaning fluid is suitable for all household tasks: in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet, window and car wash. To enhance its effect, you can optionally add a pinch of citric acid.

Wash dishware in the dishwasher

 5 wash nuts in half and add to the cutlery compartment, wash in a normal program.

Body Care

Shampoo (for all hair types): Liquid (prepared as above) use instead of hair shampoo. It gives hair shine, softness, fight dandruff. After washing your hair is easy to comb and not greasy.

Body Wash

A highly concentrated detergent extract is a cleansing liquid soap suitable for people suffering from atopic dermatitis or allergies.


Spraying plants with walnut extracts, we can get rid of plant pests and parasites such as aphids on roses and other flowers and in the vegetable garden. Thanks this we do not use chemical pesticides in plant protection.

Animal Care

The detergent extract is an effective cleanser for pets. Due to its insecticidal properties it gives the animal relief and does not irritate the skin. To extend the lifespan of the extract, add about 25 drops of ethereal tea tree oil to 500 ml, which is decontaminating, is bactericidal and will give fresh extract.


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