Natural, Mustard Soap Dish, Babushka Agafia 500ml

Natural, Mustard Soap Dish, Babushka Agafia 500ml

Mustard Extract & Soapstone & Calendula
For dishes, cutlery and pots.
- Perfectly cleanses
- He cares for his hands
- Has a disinfecting effect
Does not contain: SLS, EDTA and NTA, Formaldehyde, Phenol.


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Based on extracts of marigold, mustard, Chinese lemons and root soap, soap for dishes is ideally suited to every kitchen. Effectively cleanses dishes, cutlery and all pots, works disinfecting and cares for hands without causing irritation.

How to use

Apply a small amount of the product directly on the sponge, wash the dishes and rinse with water.

Ingredients INCI

Purified Water, <15% Anionic Surface-active Agents, <5%: Non-ionic Surface-active Agents, Medical Soap Extract, Mustard Extract, Salt, Chinese Citric Extract, Marigold Extract, Organic Cucumber Juice, Lemon Acid, PHMB .



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