Avocado Oil, Nature Queen, 50ml

Avocado Oil, Nature Queen, 50ml

Avocado oil

For all skin types.
- Works anti-aging
- Smoothes and soothes
- Can be used on hair

Does not contain: GMO, PEG, Oils Mineral, EDTA, Silicones, Parabens, Oil Derivatives.



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Universal, multifunctional avocado oil is suitable for hair, face and body care. You can use it as a nipple, massage oil, addition to creams, clays or directly on the skin. It moisturizes, nourishes, has a rejuvenating effect, protects against damage and regenerates. It contains 100% natural ingredients, is Vegan-friendly, and the convenient atomizer will make product dosing easier.

Avocado oil has many valuable protective and regenerative properties. Perfectly penetrates the skin, saturating it with essential nutrients. In addition, it protects skin cells against water loss, nourishes and moisturizes. It soothes irritations, is well absorbed, rejuvenates and can be used on hair. A rich source of vitamins, microelements and nutrients.


Just a little oil spread on the body and massage gently. It will also work as an olive for a relaxing nutritional massage that will put you in a blissful state of relief and relaxation.


Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil



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